Going Viral


    Surely He will save you from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:3b-4a

    In a moment when it is nearly impossible to escape the endless reports connected to the Corona Virus (COVID 19), it is no doubt tempting, Christian or not, to give way to fear.  With hand sanitizer flying off the shelves, drastic changes to the stock market and calls to “social distance” ourselves, even the most faith-filled believers risk becoming saturated in the news cycle, losing site of the simple fact that God is in control.  Such is the goal of the Enemy who, since the beginning of time, has sought to capitalize on crisis with relentless attempts at drawing our eyes and ears away from our Omnipotent Creator.  It is gratefully in these moments that Almighty God, working through the power of His Word, calls into action the never-failing ministry of the Holy Spirit, reminding us afresh that safety is found in the uncontaminated shelter of the Most High God.

    While it is indeed wise to embrace commonsense precautions in the battle against communicable disease, the only foolproof antidote against the temptation of fear is the truth given to us through the promises of God.  Critical to our survival in a time such as this is a reminder that such assurances always begin and end with God’s unrelenting love for a world in desperate need of saving.  Manifested through the redemptive work of His Son Jesus on Calvary’s cross, God’s love proved stronger than the grave any disease might bring as the resurrected body of Christ brought forth for us the promise of eternal life for those who would trust in Him for salvation. 

    With this enduring truth in mind, may God make us increasingly sensitive to His ongoing prompts to draw us away from our phones and televisions and into His Word that we might meditate on the infectious love of Jesus.  Then, having thrown off fear, let us seek the Lord for ways to embrace this moment by Going Viral with the message of the Gospel to a hurting world anxiously seeking a cure.

-Catherine DeBenedetto