You Are Loved

MoriahlogonoborderA long time ago, as the old story goes, there was a woman caught in the sin of adultery. Clearly, she was guilty as charged. Even she knew this. As was the custom in that day, people lined up from miles around to stone her, for according to the law, her deeds were worthy of death.

But lo and behold, as God would have it, along came One Who ultimately would be known by many as the Savior of the World. Only He would dare challenge the law for He Himself had created it.   He alone knew that there was in fact “a better way,” and so He challenged the crowd to look upon their own sin, freed the woman and charged her with the task of “sinning no more.”

On the surface, the story appears to be one of simple forgiveness and grace, of the arrival of a friend in the greatest hour of need Who would willingly stand and defend a lowly sinner on the brink of destruction. Yet at its truest level, it is a story of love, a tale unlike any ever told before because, in this moment, Jesus openly demonstrated to both the woman and the crowd who stood to condemn her that despite her sin she was worth it. Yes, because of His extraordinary love for her, Jesus chose to break the cycle of death caused by sin and replace it with a message of life and love.  Putting Himself in harm’s way, He stood in the gap for this woman and ultimately went on to do the same for each and every one of us at Calvary’s cross.  All He requires is that we, like the woman of long ago, recognize His love for us and our need for redemption.     

Yes, Jesus loves you, woman. And when you feel you don’t know a whole lot about anything else, that’s all you really need to know.

Catherine DeBenedetto