Permission to Cry

RWC BookTears are a God-given gift

to be embraced

Contrary to what we may have been taught, God ordained tears are a gift intended to help move us through seasons of pain and change. Even so, women and men alike struggle to get past the “stigma” of crying in order to embrace this gift.

Prompted in response to a personal tragedy, Real Women Cry (and real men let them) is a comprehensive look into the purpose and process of emotional tears. In this book you’ll develop a truer understanding of why it’s really o.k. to cry by learning:

  • The proven science behind human tears
  • The benefits of a “good old-fashioned meltdown”
  • The real differences between men and woman in regard to crying
  • Who God really is and what the Bible has to say about tears
  • How your tears can help move you through the process of pain in a way that leads to real hope and healing.

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